Bullet Journalling

A New Year – Bullet Journal Set Up

First of all; Happy New Year from Mayai Loves. May this year be full of delights and happy memories for you. 🍾🍾πŸ₯‚

As part of my run up to 2018, I chose to set up my bullet journal for the new year. I came across bullet journalling in the latter part of 2016, partly because I was looking for a way to organise life without feeling guilty for having many, many missed days in a traditional planner. I’ll be honest, I love the idea of journalling, but the practise has always been haphazard. I wanted some way of tracking my day to day things to do, birthdays and a visual means to see when I had too much on. However, I love taking notes, so also wanted a notebook or many blank pages and always found that traditional diaries never had enough space for all of this in one book – I cannot for the world imagine why! πŸ˜‰

The bullet journal seemed ideal as in reality, it’s just a notebook and a pen. Each day, you make a list of the events and tasks you have ahead, in the form of a bullet list. In the original (linked here), there are a few different bullets to depict tasks, events and notes, alongside these, some will also have a signifier, which are used to highlight whether a topic is particularly important, inspirational or even something requiring further research. All of this is done in an incredibly neat rapid log.  However, the bullet journal has developed into a creative outlet for many people, as well as the original concept of an effective, personalised, organisational tool. 

I discovered the idea after it had already morphed into the beautiful polyphony you’ll discover if you search on Google, so my journal is a mish-mash of the minimalist, rapid log and the incredible, creative spreads that normally appear first on Google. I wanted a practical, but creative feel. So some pages from 2017 are shown below:

As you are able to see, I prefer blue ink, with splashes of colour. I draw, write notes, make lists etc. all in the same notebook. The versatility of the bullet journal is the thing that attracted me to it, but it’s also what keeps me hooked. The added bonus is that I no longer have little bits of paper all over the place with lists or ideas on them! 

For 2018, I wanted to set up some of the same pages as I had for 2017 and also add a couple more: 

New for 2018 is a words of the year page: 

This really serves as inspiration and helps with goal setting; these three words were the ones that jumped out at me for the coming year; for the whole list see the end of the post. 

Then, two pages which worked well in 2017: 

A Calendex: a hybrid of an index and a calendar. This allows you to mark a new event, much like a traditional calendar and then view the details about it on a different page. I’ve also added birthdays at the bottom of the page.

The second repeat of 2017 is a month to view page. This helps me to track exactly what’s going on and make a note of any important dates at work. This should (I hope) help me to balance out my month in terms of time commitments.  This monthly view looks at what happens in the short term, in detail; where the Calendex is really to help with tracking future events as an overview.

I am intending to try and look at weekly breakdowns with a list of tasks also – but I’ve not decided on how to plan that yet- so that may become an update to this post. 

I have a few more things to complete but, here’s to a smashing, organised 2018 for you and I! My next job in the BuJo is to plan my next few blog posts πŸ˜†

I’d love to know what’s your word(s) of the year are; here’s the list I started with: 

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know below. As always, if you want to know when the next post is up, click follow below πŸ˜„

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