I’m Mayuri, also known as Mayai.

I’m an avid fan of playful colour, striking patterns and poignant shapes. In shops I am drawn to bold prints and quirky design. I love it when these elements are mixed with elegant and timeless style, creating classic pieces.

This blog is about celebrating these elements, whether in art, crafts, clothes or fabrics. I am intending on having themed posts capturing various hobbies (including crochet and bullet journalling); feel free to browse, I hope you enjoy the content.

For a more detailed post about the blog and the origins of the name, check out my first post: The Adventure Begins.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I can also be found on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to give me a like or follow there. 😊

Header image: Image by alegri / 4freephotos.com