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Slimming World, Fresh Food, New Start

This post is about my return to a journey I started almost five years ago by joining Slimming World. Since getting to my target weight in 2015, I have managed quite well to keep off the pounds, however in recent months, I have to confess my discipline has slipped.

I’ve been noticing for months that where I used to stick to one piece of chocolate, I’ll often now have two or even three in a row. So today, despite having to sacrifice my Saturday lie in, I joined a local group again.

When I did last did slimming world (SW) a few years ago, I lost just under three stones; this was fundamentally because my husband and I changed our lifestyle, eating habits and I played netball regularly. I really enjoyed the process, saw good results, but wasn’t putting undue pressure on myself, knowing that the weight would come off over time.

I’m hoping this post serves as a reminder to me and to you that it’s good to consider our health, but also to give ourselves a break.

So to this end, as I go through this weight loss journey I choose to:

  • Go at my own pace – no competing or comparing
  • Cut my self some slack – there will be good and bad weeks, but over time, the good will outweigh (😆) the bad.
  • Enjoy food – remember good relationships, community and friends are worth more than a few pounds; be grateful!
  • Experiment – work out what works this time, this week and don’t be afraid to try new things

If any one else is also on any kind of health kick, be kind to yourself. Learn from those you can, forget the ones who are unhelpful and be grateful for the ones who cheer you on and join you on the journey.

To aid me, I’ve added a very simple tracker in my bullet journal showing each pound lost, which will (I hope) serve as motivation on this journey.

I expect that I’ll share a little more about food in the coming weeks. Wishing you all the best of health for the coming year 😄