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I Decided to Follow a Prompt….

I’ve never heard of it before, but today I came across a word prompt to aid inspiration in content for a blog post.

The word was Fabric.

To be honest, I’ve published one post only yesterday after a month+ of hiatus, feeling like I had nothing to say. This prompt made me laugh since I read it just after completing a draft version of blog post ideas in my bullet journal. I had literally just written down “Fabric”.

So here goes:

For me, there are two threads that immediately spring to mind with the word ” Fabric”:

1. ‘Fabric of life’

2. ‘Fabric to make something’ i.e the thing sewn together to make garments, covers etc.

When I initially wrote it down in the web of ideas above, I was thinking of it as part of my theme about Colour. As you know if you’ve read Adventure Begins (my first post), one of my aims of the blog is to celebrate colour and pattern in life. This view in my bed earlier today was the source of inspiration for the word Fabric in my blog post web:

I love the pattern of the owls on the fabric, but also the brightness of colour. It got me to thinking, how does someone go about printing fabric like this? How did they choose this combination of colour? What made them choose red and white?

This also reminded me that I have another one of these duvet sets with the same pattern, but with completely different colours and I love it just as much:

As you can see, they are completely different, but are linked by the pattern. That led me to think about the fabric of life. I think of the fabric of life as the richness of life, the threads and patterns that run through. I find it fascinating that from day to day we’re able to see our life from a different perspective – see my last post. In the example of the duvet sets, even the type of cloth itself; a simple cotton fabric is the same, the detail is the same (the hearts and flowers on the chests of the owls, as an example), but the way the colour is applied is completely different.

This leads me to ask: What makes up the fabric of my life, what colour can I add, what do I miss when I only see that the pattern is the same? These seem to be questions at the forefront of my mind given yesterday’s post too. To be honest I haven’t got any coherent answers yet, but I think it’s worthwhile pondering.

Also, depending on your outlook, one could perceive the red and white set as boring or dull in comparison to the tartan pattern and several colours of the other set. But I think that’s the key; I wonder if the killer to inspiration, the one that steals joy is the very act of comparison?

In my eyes, both duvet sets are beautiful, in their own right.

However, I often see myself playing a comparison game in my life, thinking that someone else’s life looks better; someone speaks more eloquently, etc. What if they’re both beautiful in their own right? What if my life is as beautiful as theirs, but my trying to line up the pattern and compare the colour actually leads me to think of it as dull, when it’s bright and powerful just as it is? Life is rarely dull I’ve realised, but my perceptions can lead me to think that way. So my hope is that I’ll choose to see the colour and beauty in my life more often and wish you the same opportunity.

That’s my thoughts on the word, “Fabric”. Out of interest, what would your thoughts be if your prompt was “fabric”?

Thanks to Ben Huberman @The Daily Post for the prompt today – it’s served me well.

Comment below with your thoughts and follow me for the next update. Thanks again for reading 😄